There are typically about 70-80 projects conducted at the facility each year.  Many of the projects are aimed at providing short-term information for the Wisconsin turf industry (golf courses, lawn care, sports fields, etc.).  A growing number of the studies are aimed at mid- to long-term objectives aimed at providing information for science-based regulations and a more sustainable society.  A short list of the types of studies is given below.

Examples of studies conducted at the OJ Noer Facility

  • Low Input Sustainable Turf-NCERA-192 trial
  • 10+ cultivar evaluation trials, including six from National Turfgrass Evaluation Program
  • Rain Harvesting/subsurface irrigation
  • Runoff and leachate studies: 15 yrs of various studies with nutrients, pesticides, and Rain Gardens
  • Early season dollar spot control
  • Fungicide degradation
  • Pest management
  • Biosolids for sustainable sod production